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About Story Voice Video

Story Voice Video offers you two beautiful ways to bring your story to life! I go the extra mile to provide my clients with consistently high production quality, reasonable turnaround times and excellent value. I am always looking for the next challenge, and enjoy engaging with clients to create their dream projects.

Through VOICE:

  • Audiobook narration
  • IVR and phone message recording
  • Commercial voiceovers

Through VIDEO:

I provide a variety of video packages employing both documentary and cinematic techniques, using between 1 and 5 high-definition, 4K video and mirrorless cameras for a wide variety of camera angles. Editing is done in Adobe Creative Suite, incorporating Photoshop, AfterEffects, top tier effects, and professional music beds.

  • Performing arts: dance, drama, musical performances
  • Special life events: weddings, family history & biographies, memorial videos, birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs, Quinceaneras
  • Corporate events: training videos, lectures, meetings, special presentations
  • Community events: banquets, festivals, educational projects
  • Cable TV shows
  • Religious services and events
  • Photo montages for special occasions (including a pro 5,000 lumens projector & large 7-ft. screen)


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About M

Hi! I’m M, or when I’m filling out forms that need more than a single character, Emma Clark. Video is an enormously powerful medium, and I love the challenge of finding unique angles in a story with my camera, and with the cuts.

The Short Version

  • Freelance videographer, shooting, directing, editing and producing videos and online content for private and corporate clients.
  • Voice talent for IVR, phone messaging systems, and commercials.
  • Audiobook narrator.

So you want more details…?

First…have you checked out my other pages for samples of my projects? Now for more about the girl behind the camera, and the mic … ūüôā

When I had the opportunity to provide in-session direction to the editor of a video project¬† that I was producing, I quickly became enamored with the power of video to actually sculpt and create a story that could have any number of nuances. I was hooked! For me, videography is the perfect fusion of art and technology. Since that encounter in 2009, I have had the pleasure and good fortune of on-the-job training with industry professionals, as well as on-going live classroom and Internet courses. I love the learning process and especially finding those tools¬†and techniques that I can incorporate into my work that will “wow” my clients! And me, too! Yeah…I like the “wow” factor.

In February 2015 I was privileged to participate in the second presentation¬†of the ACX Master Class presented by actor, brilliant technician and voice¬†talent¬†David H. Lawrence XVII, and radio talent and quirky, genius advertising professional Dan O’Day. We had enormous fun. The combination of David’s and Dan’s perfectly timed humor will keep you in stitches! It’s their secret sauce they apply when teaching some amazing ¬†trade secrets of¬†audiobook production. This course continues to provide me with powerful knowledge and wise guidance, not just in audiobook production, ¬†but in life and business as well. (Check out www.acxmasterclass.com).

Trained from childhood¬†in classical piano performance and later, Suzuki Method Piano instruction, I¬†maintained a studio of around 35 students¬†for several seasons. For decades I have used my fascination with both Mac and Windows hardware and software to organize and empower myself and others creatively. My¬†eye for organization and detail was¬†honed by 25 years as a commercial mortgage banking specialist. In concert, these God-given gifts¬†have provided me with¬†wonderful strengths when applied to producing highly technical digital forms of art such as video and voiceover. ¬†I love to hear clients tell me, “You hit the mark just right,” and “I love the polish and finesse on the edit.” A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a cinematic video or the perfect narration that captures the real essence of your story…priceless!

From¬†high-profile corporate events¬†to¬†packing gear in outdoor settings; from lavish weddings to children’s birthday parties: the story in each instance is a ¬†unique one in which both mine and my clients’ hearts are¬†invested.

I love encouraging new clients who are looking for an experienced professional to guide them to an excellent finished project. There are always creative options available for finding just the right package or set of services that will fit both vision and budget.

For clients who are more experienced with video production, I can accurately take your direction and respond with excellent quality and turnaround times.

I value all that I have learned from working with clients of a variety of backgrounds, disciplines and cultures.

Experience is vital.

Pretty much anyone with the desire can pick up a camera and shoot video. But with experience comes the nuances of how to compose the shots, the expertise needed to get superb audio, and the special touches in editing that take your project from mediocre to moving!

Communication is key.

You need to have confidence that your videographer listens to you and understands your vision for the project.

I look forward to creating with you on your next project!

Call me:

(949) 412-4909 cell

Email me: 

[email protected]

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