Published Audiobooks

Widowed teacher Cindy Harris takes her son to meet Santa at the mall, but instead of jolly Saint Nick, they get grumpy Brad Williams.He had stepped into the red suit to help out his brother, not promise the impossible – like deliver a daddy by Christmas.

Brad is the new real estate agent Cindy hired to sell her family home, and sparks fly between them.

Will the magic of Christmas open their hearts, and offer the best gift of all: love?

Produced for ACX  in July 2016

Jason thought he had it all – love and a family – until he learned what money could buy.

Because even true love shatters if you treat it wrong.

Does money change a person? Miranda was about to find out. When a rich and successful fling from Miranda’s past shows up and takes an interest in her, she’s offered a new life.

How can Jason compete?

When doubt and betrayal set in, Jason and Miranda must choose to fight for their love in the wreckage…before it is destroyed forever.

Produced for ACX in April 2016.

Does life ever give second chances?

Five years ago Miranda and Jason were inseparable – runaway teens standing together against the rest of the world. But those days are long gone.

Now in her 20s, Miranda is triggered by the ghosts of her past. Trying to escape, she abandons her old life and everyone she knew.

Jason swears his relationship with her is ruined.

A sudden trauma forces Miranda to return. She must pair together with Jason to overcome the biggest challenge they’ve ever faced, or both of them be destroyed. But with so many scars separating them, can they learn to trust each other again?

Produced for ACX in March 2016.

Reflections is a 16-story devotional designed to draw you closer to God. Experience him through each unique story, which will let you know he is alive and involved in your life. Reflections will help you cut through life’s distractions and rely on the one thing that is truly important – a relationship with God.  Reflections serves as a refreshing reminder of God’s love and grace during difficult times.

The world wants you to place your trust in the circumstances, success, talents, and opinions of others, but God has called you to rise above and put your full trust in him – to believe and apply what he’s promised in his Word more than anything else. Experience the life-changing power of God’s words as you journey through life assured that God is concerned about you.

Produced for ACX in December 2015.

Pocket Full of Victories is for you – the one seeking, hungry, needing and ready for a change. Part memoir, part guide, sprinkled with humor and filled with passion, it is a deeply personal tale of a spiritual tug-of-war between a woman with her own plans and a God who had His own plans for her.

In this book, author Taneki Dacres recounts her journey from the world’s way to God’s way. She shares her trials and struggles, as well as her honest thoughts on what she thought Christianity was, and why she wanted no part of it.

Scripturally based, Pocket Full of Victories is filled with pockets of invaluable information that will inspire you and lead you on your journey from the world to Christ. Dacres has provided a comprehensive guide to help you to transition from a life of very few victories to a life of countless, lasting victories through Jesus Christ. In it you will discover:
– Who you are and whose you are
– How to conquer the battle of the mind
– How to speak life and not death for victories
– How to walk in the Spirit and not in the flesh
– How to live victoriously by faith and trust in God
– How to discover the greatness in you
– How to engage your arsenal of victories through prayer, gratitude, and praise
– And so much more!

Produced for ACX in May 2015.

Samples of Audiobook Genres

Inspirational (The Joey Song – Sandra Swenson)

Religion & Spirituality (To Enjoy Him Forever – Malcolm Weber)

Fiction (Courting Morrow Little: A Novel – Laura Frantz)

Mysteries & Thrillers (Uncommon Stock – Eliot Peper)

Science Fiction & Fantasy (Flight:I Am Just Junco Book 3 – J.A. Huss)

Comedy (Thirty-Two Going On Spinster – Becky Monson)

Teens (American Girl on Saturn – Nikki Godwin)

Self Development (Love Your  Body – Elizabeth Walling)

Kids (Princess Alexia and the Dragon – K. Meador)

Kids (On Top of the Rainbow – K. Meador)